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Dazzling results:
Produce minimal abrasion with less work and consumption

Polish with ease to create a high-gloss shine: The new Nacera Shine Zr diamond polishing paste enables dental technicians to achieve a long-lasting, high-quality shine on zirconium oxide. The pale grey paste is not only effective and time-saving to use, but also easy to handle and reduces consumption. Its secret is a special composition that is adapted to the hardness and wear resistance of zirconium oxide. Accordingly, it has a very high diamond content and an exceptionally hard consistency – requiring less work in producing a glossier finish!

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New hybrid composite with properties similar to many all-ceramics.

Millable Nacera Hybrid Composite matches improved aesthetics with durability: Doceram Medical Ceramics’ new Nacera Hybrid meets all the requirements of a modern, multi-functional composite for CAD/CAM technology—whether it is produced chairside or in the lab! These highly compressed hybrid blanks, combining the best characteristics of ceramics and composite, not only guarantee long-term dental aesthetics and maximum levels of elasticity, but also universal processability and versatility. That means, Nacera Hybrid restorations can be repaired or adjusted at any time using typical composite systems. And with four new Nacera Blend Tissue Flow composites as part of the system, you can design and build customised gingival portions or if desired, remodel them at a later stage.




Every blank is perfect:
new “anterior” multilayer zirconia impresses with natural colouration and translucency

Perfectly blended colouration, simple and precise, produce a naturally translucent effect: Nacera Pearl Q³ Multi-Shade redefines the accuracy of colour and fit of CAD/CAM restoration materials. The new high-yttrium-stabilised zirconium oxide series, which Doceram Medical Ceramics is adding to its proven Nacera Pearl Multi-Shade system at IDS, not only offers increased, ultra-high translucency, but also extremely natural light dynamics and colour reproduction that precisely matches the Vita colour system. The photo-optical properties of the new high-performance ceramic are achieved through a range of factors, including a special chemical composition that results in a tetragonal-cubic phase. The resulting optimised light refraction greatly increases dispersion and radiance, helping ceramists more easily fabricate aesthetic masterpieces in zirconia.


The ceraMotion® One Touch pastes are manufactured using a special high-tech process.

The particle size of the pastes have been adapted to suit the requirements for the staining technique (2D) and to offer the possibility of creating an individual morphology in the incisal area and in the occlusal surface area (3D).
The new consistency of the pastes allows a homogenous wetting of all-ceramic object surfaces. The thixotropic effect produces perfect surface integrity and enables minimal layering.
All of the ceraMotion® One Touch pastes are translucent, thereby retaining the light dynamic effect of the framework material. They give the fully anatomical restorations a natural fluorescence.





Well-tempered ceramic:
calibration set allows you to control the sintering process

Increased precision in the furnace – better colour fastness and a higher quality in the structure! A perfect fit as well as durability and reproducible colour results are the primary priorities for Doceram Medical Ceramics. The specialist supplier of high-performance ceramics has now launched a smart and innovative calibration set for high-temperature furnaces: Nacera Calibrate is used to easily and precisely determine and check the sintering end temperature in the furnace as well as documenting it (for larger zirconium oxide restorations). Special PTC rings and a dial gauge are used to determine the firing precision in the sintering chamber. If a deviation from the required temperature is detected, the sintering furnace can be recalibrated – for constant, durable and highly aesthetic colour results.



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