One-Bake Zirconia Glaze –
Right the First Time!


One-Bake will save 20 minutes. Be fast.
Be efficient.
High fluorescence for lifelike restorations.
Can be used on all Zirconia ceramics.
10.4 to 10.6 · 10-6 K-1.
One glaze for both zirconia and lithium disilicate.

New: ceraMotion® Zr Paste Glaze for zirconia and lithium disilicate

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Fluorescent, ready-to-use Paste Glaze provides reliable wetting of ceramic surfaces. Combines targeted and controlled application with easy handling.



Only one glaze-bake required to achieve a homogeneous and shiny glazed surface, even when combined with stains. Compatible with zirconia and lithium disilicate.

ceraMotion® Zr Paste Glaze is an innovative, highly fluorescent paste glaze for zirconia and lithium disilicate. The paste is ready-to-use, guarantees reliable surface wetting, and allows for easily targeted and controlled applications. One bake at 750°C (LFC) provides a dense, uniform glaze, even when combined with stains. The high fluoresce increases the vitality of zirconia, making your restorations more life-like in the mouth. Save even more time with Nacera Multi-Shade Zirconia for full contour restorations. ceraMotion® Zr Paste Glaze – Right the First Time – convince yourself!



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