Medical ceramics.


Biocompatible, aesthetic, safe

High-performance ceramics, also called industrial ceramics, are a material that - in contrast to decorative ceramics - has been optimised for technical applications. It is characterised by special properties, mainly with regard to heat resistance, mechanical stability and dimensional stability. In addition, the material is resistant against chemicals. And it is because of these properties that ceramics are also suitable for medical applications. The key to these applications is biocompatibility. Long-term tests, which are part of the globally stringent approval processes for implants, have demonstrated the biological compatibility of ceramics.

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In contrast to metals, high-performance ceramics only gain their special properties during the manufacturing process. This is predominantly a result of the targeted manipulation of the microstructures of an intermediate product or finished product, because the properties may vary even for the same base material. The core competence of DOCERAM Medical Ceramics is the company’s ability to safely manage all stages of the manufacturing process – from the composition of the raw mixture and the moulding process to the firing processes. We use partially yttrium-stabilised zirconium dioxide as the base material for our dental technology products. The brand name of our CAD/CAM blanks is Nacera®.

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