Nacera® Hybrid


High Performance Hybrid Ceramic for permanent restorations.

Nacera® Hybrid is the new CAD/CAM material for chairside or labside milling machines. It is a high performance hybrid ceramic that can be used for aesthetic longterm temporaries or permanent restorations. Since Nacera® Hybrid is like the finest ceramics, it perfectly replicates precise shade matching with a unique translucency and chameleon effect for a lifelike appearance of natural teeth. Nacera® Hybrid comes in Blocks and Discs which can be processed according to your requirements: You create crowns, bridges up to 3 units and inlays, onlays and veneers since there is no firing process required.

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50 % Nano-Glass meets 50 % Polymer-Matrix

The outstanding mechanical properties of Nacera® Hybrid are the result of controlled, stress-free thermal curing. The composition of nano-glass and reinforcing polymer- matrix make Nacera® Hybrid the ideal material for permanent restorations. The 100 % sinalized glass is permanently integrated into the polymer-matrix for a long shine and discoloration free restoration.


Benefits & Indication

No firing process required
Quick and exceptional grinding at a high precision
Can be modified and repaired with conventional composites
Biomimetics: biomechanical strength is restored

Physical properties* Nacera® Hybrid

 Flexural strength 175 MPa
 Compressive Strength 490 MPa
 Modulus of elasticity 9900 MPa
 Vickers Hardness H V 10 700 MPa
* These properties were measured on test samples. The values are typical material properties and may vary according to product configuration, geometry and manufacturing process.

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